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Price Transparency & Our Fees

Below you will find estimates of how much some of our services may cost.

Whenever possible we like to offer our clients fixed fees to help them budget and make an informed decision. Some of our services which are straight forward and simple are easier to estimate, so we have listed them below.


Where possible we have also included VAT any dispersements that typically apply to that type of case, e.g. court fees or search fees.


Services that are not listed below will fully depend on the complexity of your matter. This would be uncovered in your initial consultation where we could then fully outline all of your potential costs.


If you have any questions, or would like confirmation that the fixed fees below suit your situation, please do give McQueens Solicitors office a ring or enquire online below and one of our solicitors that specialise in your matter will be in touch within 24 hours.

Motoring offences fees:

For bundled services please enquire [This excludes expert’s fees]

Fare Evasion:

Our fare evasion service is costed at £500 standard fee (plus VAT). However if there is addition work you maybe charged an hourly fee. Also we do not offer free consolation for this service, as this is a private matter.

Legal Aid:

We are a legal aid firm and will often offer our clients who are from a low income to see if they are entitled to assistance. Legal aid is for those who need legal assistance but you do not earn enough to pay for a Solicitor.


Legal Aid may help meet the costs of legal advice and representation in a court or tribunal. To check if you are eligible for legal aid here: . If you are eligible for legal aid you can apply here:

Telephone: 0345 345 4345. Open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 20:00 & Saturday 09:00 -12:30pm. You can also text ‘legalaid’ & your name to 80010 to get a call back. This costs the same as a normal text message.



30 Mins Consultation
Full day trial
£3,500 + VAT and disbs
Half day trial (including advocates fee)
£2,000 + VAT and disbs
Plead Guilty
£600.00 - £800.00 + VAT and disbs
Making Representations Including Mitigating by post
£350.00 + VAT and disbs
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